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In an alliance there is a hierarchy. You can establish and personalize those ranks. Here is a general picture of how it goes usually :

There will be a foudner, the player who created the alliance and therefore has all the rights needed to manage the entire alliance.

Usually there is also a right arm to the founder. Close to the founder, he will also have full power (or almost). We advise you to have at least two right-hand men who you can trust, so that they also have full power and the alliance does not get paralysed if the founder goes away.

Then you can setup the ranks for your members and appoint them rights regarding the degree of implication of the player and/or how much you trust him.

Here are all the right :

  • Global Administration : handle members permissions
  • Delete a member
  • Handle candidate requests
  • See the alliance members list
  • Modify the alliance page content (general informations on the alliance, internal and external texts…)
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