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Group attack

In a group attack, lines are merged. Therefore, if your fisrt line is detroyed, the ones from your allies continue fighting. And your second line will attack only with your allies second lines, at the same time.

A group-attack is an attack where several players join eachother and merge their fleets to fight a common target.

How do I make a group-attack ?
You'll have to launch an attack on a specific target. Then, go in your fleet menu, on the line corresponding to your attack, and click on “ACS” (Alliance Combat System).

After clicking on ACS, a new page will open. Enter the name of the player with whom who want to ACS-attack. Then click on “continue (yellow square on the picture).

The invited player will then have to go in his fleet menu, select the ships he wants to put in the attack, click on continue. On the second page (with the coordinates…), at the bottom of the page, there will be an ACS code. He will have to click on it, then on “continue”. By launching the attack his fleet will then automatically join yours. Job well done !

More to follow

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