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General description of an alliance

An alliance is a group of players willing to unite themselves so that they can establish common strategies and make wars against other alliances.

Here's how an alliance looks like :

Let's say the alliance is called the Space Destiny Warriors
Name : Space Destiny Warriors

Tags are generally between [ ] and correspond to the first letter of each work composing the entire name of the alliance.

An alliance has its proper page : you can put images, texts introducing and presenting the alliance, but also useful information. You can also put the link of the forum (if you have one) dedicated to your aliance.

On the alliance page, everyone will be able to see those details and the number of players composing the alliance.

You also have an internal part, on which you can put information that only your members will be able to see.

Diplomacy :

  • Being in an alliance means you've entered sort of a “political system”, as you will probably have to dialogue with other alliances, to conclude pacts (or not, if you're a bad negociator, that's up to you ;))
  • Commercial pacts : priority to the alliance you've made the pact with if you, or your members, have resources to sell.
  • NAPs (Non-Agression pacts) : These are the most common ones. Some alliances will probably want to make a deal that will not allow any attacks between the members of both alliances.
  • Total pacts : the total package ! NAP, trade, common defense…your alliance and the other will then be like a couple (well, couples can fight, but still, you get the idea…)

Wars :

You can make war for many different reasons (the breach of a NAP, an alliance wanting to dominate the whole universe, an alliance wanting to take down a close opponent in the standings…). Even conflicts that started only between a few players can become total wars between several alliances (domino effect). (Go to the “War” part of the Wiki, you'll find more details on how they go).

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