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For those who have already played some MMORPG games, you probably know this side of the game.

Here is how it goes on SD :

On the top right area of your screen, you have dark matter, credits, energy, etc. You'll also notice another resource : rubies.

If you click on them, the game wil open a little menu, proposing you to buy some rubies against dark matter. These rubies will come in use for crafting.

Once you've got a bunch of them, return to your hero et select the “crafting” menu. At the top you'll have a number : 7/19 19 corresponds to the maximum number of objects you can posess. 7 to the number of objects you've equipped or posess.

Crafting basically works in two phases :

Object creation and improvement (I)

Object creation :

Click on “Create a new object” : for 500 rubies, the game will randomly give you an equipment object. You can do that again and again, as long as you have enough rubies. Of course, the game then might give you the same object several times.

Object improvement :

You have two options

- Merge 3 objects to get another one of an equivalent level.

- Merge 5 objects to get another one of a superior level.

The first option is a technique to get an object you do not have yet. The second one is to improve your equipment.

We've ran several tests to make sure of the resultats.

Objects have a number (which indicates the level of the object). The higher the level is, the bigger the bonuses are.

Let's take an example. For instace, a raptor (1) : it gives 8 points in four statistics. A raptor (2) will give you 16 points in each statistic, a (3) will give you 24 points, and so on…already 24 points for a level 3, so it gets fun fairly quickly !

Object fusion (II)

5 objects (1) create an object (2) 5 objects (2) create an object (3) 5 objects (3) create an object (4)

You cannot get higher then 4. A level 4 object cannot be improved anymore.

To fuse objects, click on them, they'll then appear in red light. Then, click on “Create a new object” (at the bottom, newt to “delete” and “go to the hero market”).

Your five objects will disappear and the new improved one will appear.

Tests have shown us that combining 5 identical objects will not necessarily give you back the same object, at a superior level. It is done randomly, combine any objects and you'll get a random one, f a superior level.

A fusion costs 250 rubies.

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