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Ecology module

In a constant desire of being innovative, SpaceDestiny created an ecology module, in the upper right area of your screen. A little green rectangle, with something writtend at its right. At the beginning of the game it will probably be average“. When you click on it you arrive on a page, stating parasite and intoxication rates.

Every planet has this ecology module.

Why do I have an ecologic malus ?

Players who treat and maintain well their planets will get bonuses. As you've already guessed, poeple not taking good care of their planets will then get maluses on their production.

The ecology module centralises all your planets. You can then handle parasite and intoxication rates of all your planets on a single plage.

Do often a waste disposal to maintain your productions at a good level. Not too often but be sure to think about it once in a while.

Concerning the parasites, you have to do a deworming, the rate will then get from 100% to 70% and it will set a countdown (24 hours and a few minutes). By the time being, the parasite rate will go up again by 10%. When the countdown is over, launch a deworming again to lower it again. At 100% you have a production loss of 10%, 4% when the parasite rate is at 70%, and so on…in such a way that when you get to 40%, you get a 2% production bonus. The maximum bonus is 10% (when the parasite rate is at 0% of course).

So, hey, don't forget, nourish and save your planets :)

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