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Nitrogen Refinery


Commonly called NTO, nitrogen peroxide is used today in the context of space propulsion. You 'll need a large quantity to move your fleet . It is also necessary to achieve some advanced technologies. The higher the level of your nitrogen extractor, the more you will produce. The manufacturing process is highly developed, you will need a significant amount of energy to harvest your nitrogen. It is the most difficult resource to produce, which makes it the most valuable resource in trades. Do not hesitate to develop your nitrogen extraction technique, to increase your nitrogen production.

Cost compared to levels

Rhenium and selenium cost : (level 1 price)*1.5^(n-1) with “n” being wished level


You want to build a level 10 nitrogen refinery. Its cost will be :

(level 1 price)*1.5^(10-1), Rhenium : 225*1.5^9 = 8 650, Sélénium: 75*1.5^9 = 2 883

Building price

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