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Selenium Mine


Selenium is the main resource used in the construction of electronic circuits for computers and compounds for certain screens. Compared to the metal production method, primary selenium in industrial cristals requires special treatment. Thus, more energy is needed to process crude selenium than to extract rhenium. The development of ships, buildings and specialized research, require a certain amount of fine selenium. Selenium is much more difficult to find than rhenium, its cost is then higher than rhenium on trade. Improve your selenium manufacturing technique to always increase the production of your mine.

Cost per level

Cost : (level 1 price)*1.6^(n-1) with “n” being the wanted level


You want to build a level 10 selenium mine. According to the formula, its cost will be :

(level 1 price)*1.6^(10-1), Rhénium: 48*1.6^9 = 3 299 and Sélénium: 24*1.6^9 = 1 649

A level 10 selenium costs 3299 units of rhenium and 1649 units of selenium.

Building price

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