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Wars : functioning

As we've seen in the “Alliances” section, you will certainly come across wars and conflicts between your alliance and others. Let's see how they go.

A war can happen between two alliances, or more. Also, a player can declare war to an alliance if he wants.

If my alliance is at war, do I have to participate ?
Yes ! Otherwise you will have to quit your alliance if you do not want to take part in the war. Leaving your alliance can be costly if they decide to make you pay for quitting.

What's the point of making war ?
Action ! When you are at war, bash rules do not apply anymore. Did I hear “Open bar” ? But, of course, wars make a lot of damage, especially if the issue is incertain and the war quite close.

How does it work and how do you win a war ?
The leaders of the alliances taking part in the war have to agree on the terms and conditions for declaring a winner and ending the war. Objectives are set out and some specific clauses can be made (invoking them will suspend the war).

Most of the time, the final objective is the number of units destroyed. The leaders set a number and the first alliance to make that much damage wins the war.

Units destroyed : in a battle report you have two lines
- The attacker lost xxxxxxx units
- The defender lost xxxxxxx units

Each alliance counts the losses of its enemy after each battle report posted on the forum.

Units correspond to the cost of all the ships and defenses destroyed during the battle.

For instance, a unit costing 2 000 rhenium and 1 000 selenium will count, in the report battle, for 3 000 units.

This is the most current objective and condition to win the war, but you cn set out different objectives, such as the other alliance quitting, etc…

As said previously, no more bash rules at war, they are desactivated for all the players taking part in the war (they stay activated for the rest of the players).

War is a conflict, it increases competition. Nonetheless, the game staff asks all the players to keep respecting eachother. We often see insults or other disrespectful stuff… We do not want to see that and can take sanctions against the players infringing those common rules of life. Thank you, and have fun fighting !

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