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Targeting and algorithm


Here's the table that controls all the battles. You can see it by opening the building menu, research lab, shipyard and defense :

It is actually simple to understand : the line attacks the column

Each spaceship or defense has three types of strikeforce, depending on his target :

  • green 100% of damage
  • orange 50% of damage
  • red 0% of damage
  • black 100% of damage ; identical ships or 0% of damage in case of defenses in attack mode (which is impossible)

It is very important to build a well-balanced fleet and adapt it to your opponent.

Eg : 100 000 cruisers (206) vs 1 battle cruiser (215) –> the cruisers will stand no chance, because they're in red against battle cruisers.

Combat algoruthm


SpaceDestiny has a unique combat module, the attacker and defender fire at the same time at each round, there is no RapidFire. It is controlled by the “Fire-Engine” algorithm, which controls spaceships and defenses on the battlefield.

Ship-targeting, aforementioned, is inseprable from the Fire-Engine algorithm. It works as following :

  • Spaceships and defenses will always target, uppermost, a opponent which is in green for them.
  • Spaceships and defenses will always target, uppermost, the opponent with the biggest attack strenght.

In the end :

  • Spaceships and defenses will always target, uppermost, the green opponents with the biggest attack strenght

If there aren't any greens left :

  • Spaceships and defenses will target, uppermost, orange opponents with the biggest attacks strenght.

In practice

First case scenario (attacker point of view) : 100 battleships against 1.000 light fighters and 1.000 heavy fighters. The battleship has two green targets, the “Fire-Engine” rule then applies :

The battleships take the strongest green target, which is the heavy fighter (Attack strenght : 125.000). Once the heavy fighters are entirely destroyed, the battleships will take on the light fighters.

Second case scenrio (defender view): 100.000 light laser turrets against 1.000 light fighters, 5.000 cruisers and 1.000 battleships. The light laser turret has a single green target and two orange ones.

Battle scenario : The light laser turrets have three targets. They will first target the light fighters, as they are their only green target. Once they are destroyed, they'll get to the orange target with the strongest attack; in this case, the cruisers (Attack strenght : 1.875.000). Again, once they're destroyed, our turrets will take on the battleships.

The shield

SpaceDestiny has a roleplay approach for all its characteristics. And the shield is a perfect example of that, as it will only protect your defenses, not your spaceships.

Your shield will put itself between an enemy fleet and your targeted defenses.

10.000 heavy fighters have two green targets : light fighters and light laser turrets. The “Fire-Engine” algorithm then takes place :

Heavy fighters will target the light laser turrets first (Attack strenght : 500.000) and the shield will then put itself between those heavy fighters and the turrets, until the defense gets destroyed entirely.

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