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The main principle

SpaceDestiny offers you an excluive battle system that allows you to organize your troops in several lines. You can create and elaborate your own strategies thanks to 4 lines.

In a battle, line 2 won't fight until line 1 is destroyed. Same thing goes for all the line. It is a “line-by-line” battle.

Here is an example on the attacker's side :

Here is an example on the defender's side :

Organizing you combat fleet

Before lauching your fleet in a fierce combat, you need to prepare yourself and make sure you have an adequate strategy.

Via your fleet menu, you can choose your fleet formation thanks to the lines.

Saving your organization

Via your fleet menu again, you can save your strategy :

1. You can organize your lines in four different ways :

Four tabs are available :

  • Defence : allows you to organize both fleet and defenses.
  • Attack 1/Attack 2/Attack 3 : allows you to plan three types of attack.

2. You can give names to your strategies, and I strongly recommend you to do so, so that you can clearly identify them afterwords. It'll make your choice easier and quicker.

3. Choose the new line of your spaceships or defense.

4. Choose you commander ships lines.

5. Validate will save your strategy.

Choosing your saved strategy

Via your fleet menu again, you just need to select the strategy you want to and the lines will automatically be set up for your different spaceships.

Lines in simulation

You can also change and choose lines in simulation. It is a good way of testing different plans.

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