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What are they ?

NPCs are Non-Player Characters that are controlled by the game's AI (Artificial Intelligence).

You can find them in the galaxy view, in every solar system.

Can I attack them ?

YES, that's why they're here, but beware, they won't make it easy for you, be sure to spy them before attacking.

I can't find them, why ?

Well, that's normal. NPCs aren't stationnary, they will not stay at the same place all the time and they can even disappear for a certain amount of time. Pay attention !

Can I attack them with a friend (grouped attack) ?

NO, do not forget to check the changelog :

MOD : Grouped attacks are not possible anymore on NPCs

How are their resources calculated ?

Their resources represent 5 to 10% of the amount needed to build their fleet. Some NPCs are, then, more profitable than others.

When I'll be well developed, will they become obsolete ?

NO, NPCs will always adapt to your strikeforce, becoming more or less stronger. It's up to you to find the good composition !

Can their defenses be destroyed by missiles ?

NO, you can only attack a NPC with spaceships!…do not forget to recycle afterwards !

I attacked, but they are gone, is it normal ?

YES it can happen, the getaway rate is around 1%.

Like a normal player, it can ghost its fleet, which can make you look some nitrogen…that's the risk !

How many times can I attack a NPC ?

The following rule applies : 5 + “standings place” (max= 100) attacks per day on NPCs ; (Eg: top 1: 6 attacks, top 50: 55 attacks, top 150 : 100 attacks)

Does a NPC have a commander ?

NO, its fleet, resources and defenses will not be protected or guided by any commmander.

I forgot to recycle the debris field, can it disappear with the NPC ?

YES, like said before, NPCs arent's stationary, hence, when they disappear, ecerything disappears with them.

Can a NPC create a moon after a combat ?

NO, which guarantees you more resources (a part of the resources not being taken to form a moon).

How is the NPCs fleet determined ?

Their fleet is randomly composed on the basis of a player's fleet, from the top 100 (active or inactive).

Does a NPC have technologies ?

A NPC wil have the exact same level of technologies than yours : shield, weapons, armour, laser, ion, plasma, graviton.

A NPC will also have your hero bonuses : attack boost, shield boost, armour boost, speed boost and vigilance boost.

Do not forget to put those when you simulate the battle.

How is the debris field composed ?

The debris field represents 22% of the destroyed fleets and 1.66% of the destroyd defense.

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