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Account security

The following article contains important informations on how to protect your SpaceDestiny account from potential intruders.
We strongly recommend you to follow our recommendations. We remind you that Digitalis Studios can not be held liable for account losses following user mistakes.

Your password is saved and encrypted on the SpaceDestiny servers. It is impossible for anyone to access the data and decrypt it. Right now, there is no keylogger, no script, not even a a flaw in the system that can allow a malicious personn to steel your account.

An account can be stolen thanks to the following “mistakes” :

  • Your password is easy to guess
  • You connected yourself to your account in a public place, you made your browser memorize your password and/or someone watched you

To guard yourself against those problems, here are some pieces of advice. Some of them can seem idiot or even exagerated but we know, by experience and regarding all the demands we often receive, that account theft victims are the ones that do not follow those protection measures.

  1. Do not communicate your password to anyone, even family; it's confidential.
  2. Also, do not right it somewhere, shall it be on your computer or on a piece of paper. By doing so your password would become easily stolable.
  3. Your password should not correspond to your surname, name or even your alias.
  4. Combinations like “1234”, “azerty” or “password” are not recommended either as they are easy to find. A secured password is a password containing a randow succession of all types of prints (numbers, letters, special digits), for example : 17)q]eRK. It may seem complicated at first sight, but just remember that even a single special digit makes your password much safer. A different password for every website is also recommended. Also, the longer your password is, the less easy it is to find.
  5. If you're in a public place, do not forget to log out. If your browser asks you if you want him to remember your password, you must answer “No”. Also check that nobody's looking at you when you're typing your password.

Our team will never ask you for your password !

  1. Be suspicious towards every person asking you for your password. On certain pages, you may have to enter your SpaceDestiny password twice. If there's an “external authentification” and if the adress bar of your browser contains “www.spacedestiny.com/…” or “fr.spacedestiny.com/…”, then it's a secured connexion. Pages using Space Destiny's interface cannot obtain your password. Do not hesitate to contact “Support” in case a password confirmation seems doubtful to you.
  2. Your e-mail adress has to be valid.

In case of your password is stolen, you'll then be able to get it back by your adress. If your email adress is stolen, we advise yout to contact support so that they can help you with that issue.

Do not use e-mail adresses such as Hotmail/Live to register on websites.

They will not garanty an optimal level of safety for your account, as they were initailly created to chat. The safest adresses are the ones from your internet operator (At&t, O2, Orange…) and Gmail adresses (easy to use, free and secured). You e-mail adress has to be as secured as your game account is (secret password…).

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