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Spaceships are built via the shipyard.

You need to upgrade your shipyard and certain technologies to unlock the different spaceships available. Check regularly the “Technology” tree and go to the “fleet” part, you will have the list of all the ships available and all the things you need to unlock to get them.

Each one of the three factions has special ships.

Once you have built some ships, you can launch several missions :

Spy (only for spy probes) : Allows you to get information on enemy planets and moons. Once the probe arrives on the targeted planet, you will receive a spy report in your messages. You can also loose your probes, destroyed by the enemy defense because they got too close and were seen (you then get a battle report).

Attack : Most of the ships can be used to attack. Set the coordinates of a planet or a moon and send the fleet. Once the fleet has reached its destination, you will receive a battle report.

Transport : Light and heavy cargos are usually used for that mission. It allow you to transport resources from one planet to another, wether the targeted planet is yours or not (mission used to trade, etc…). The fleet will come back to the original planet once it arrived to the targeted planet.

Park : This mission can be used for transport, but the fleet will stay on the targeted moon or planet. It can then also be used to protect a friend (if he has an alliance depot).

Recycle : On Drenan, 66% of the destroyed ships value and 5% of the destroyed defenses value form a debris field. Recyclers can take those resources.

Colonize : With a colony shup, you can colonize a new planet by putting the coordinates of a free spot. Once the ship arrives, you will receive a message that tells wether, or not, you were able to colonize it 'if not, upgrade your colonization technology). Once its colonized, you will see its characteristics.

Destroy : It is possible to destroy a moon, but you will need a battle fortress (EDLM). Select the coordinates of your enemy's moon and launch the mission. There are then several issues possible :

Your opponent has a fleet and/or some defense on the moon. If you win the battle, the moon destruction attempt is launched. Its then directly launched, of course, if there are no enemy ships or defenses.

Moon destruction :

The destruction probability is calculated regarding the size of the moon and the number of battle fortresses used.

The bigger the moon is, the more it will be difficult to destroy it. The more EDLM you have, the easier the attempt will be (beware, there is also a risk that they explode).

Here are then the different issues :

  • Moon destroyed
  • Destruction failed
  • Moon destroyed and battle fortresses destroyed with it
  • Destruction failed but battle fortresses exploded

You will receive a message indicating what happened during the attempt.

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